Friday, November 22, 2013

Weddings, crafts, & shopping OH MY

I've been a little quiet lately huh?
Well I've been super busy working on my sister's wedding. It is this weekend!!! 

Here's what I've been up to:

Shopping for jewelry to match my dress. Ooooooh. Loving the tones in the jewelry I found!

 Please excuse the lack of makeup, stupid grin, and poor quality photo. Let's focus on how I made a feather strap for my dress from pheasant feathers!

 Loving the sparkly gold shoes I got!! Here's to hoping they won't kill my feet!

Nail polish! To save $$ I'm getting a DIY mani pedi.  
I had to pick which color matched the dress best.

Ring Bearer pillow!! I keep forgetting what they are called so I've nicknamed them "Pillow Boys" I think that's good, don't you?! :)
I made the pillow and my sis helped with the feathers to accent the brooch.

There's been lots more going on, including altering of wedding and bridesmaid dresses, assisting with flower girl dresses, and having lots of bachelorette nights! :)

Hope ya'll are doing good! Hopefully I'll be back on track after the wedding and holidays!

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Lauren said...

Beautiful colors! I hope you post pics after it's done!

lifeisalovelydream said...

Green is definitely your color!!!



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