Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cane Back Chair Makeover

I've been dragging my feet about re-finishing this chair and it's cousin (I found another chair almost identical and plan on using them for the end chairs to a dining room table)

I finally started working on one and I was so proud! I hate putting things off!

I may add a stenciled letter or number on the seat. Or some other design...any suggestions?

This chair started out as such an ugly duckling. The fabric was like a bad curtain, and the wood was dated looking.

 I removed the seat and tightened all the screws to make sure the chair would be strong and secure.

Then I noticed only 2 legs had protective pads, so I had to get those off. I used a screw driver and hammer and they came right off.

I painted it my usual favorite white (still working off the same gallon I've had for numerous projects!) Careless Whisper by Valspar. It's the paint and primer in one.
I cleaned the chair with TSP and started painting!

The seat is re-covered in Osnaburg. I tea dyed the osnaburg to give it a bit more color to stand out against the white, although my test piece was darker than the real one, I still think the minor difference looks good.

As I mentioned above, I would like to add a stencil, vintage graphic or something to the seat. I think that will be the perfect touch to finish it up!

I distressed the chair to give it the worn farmhouse look. Do you think it's enough distressing? Or should I add more?

I hope you liked the chair makeover! I'll be sure to add an update once I've completed the other chair and added the graphic!

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