Monday, December 2, 2013

Operation: Christmas Crafting

This Christmas we may not be at home, so instead of using our 9' tree from last year, we opted for the 4' tree. Much more manageable to get up and decorate.

With that being said, I felt like switching up my decor style on my tree. 
The theme? 

"Coastal Burlap Christmas"

I was partially inspired by this ornament I got last year while shopping along the Galveston seawall with my bff Sara. 

Those of you may know that I sort of pride myself in making things for little or no $$. I try to find things I already have around my house and see how I can use them to accomplish what I want to make. This occasion was no different.

I quickly gathered my supplies:
-Starfish (leftover from my birthday in April)
-Seashells (leftover from my wedding 4 1/2 years ago)
-Aqua Glitter paint (leftover from a random project earlier this year, from Hobby Lobby)
-Terra Cotta paint (bought on clearance earlier this yeah for a fun craft supply)
-Paint brushes (borrowed from my sister)
-Hot glue gun & glue sticks (no craft is complete without!)
-Pine cones (from my yard. The annoying pine tree is good for some things)
-Dried flowers - I did not have this and at some point I may get some and add later.

I had most of what I needed, but had to purchase some bell cap connectors(25 pieces) and silver metallic cording(15 yds). Together only $5.00 on Ebay.

 I started by laying out all the starfish and supplies.

Then got out the glitter paint and painted it on the starfish and shells.

Below shows the starfish before and after the glitter paint. It didn't change the color, but it added a very nice sparkle that was hard to capture in a picture.

After the glitter was try I used my hot glue gun to glue the bell caps on the starfish and pine cones. This gives me something to dangle them by. 

 To decorate the pine cones I used the terra cotta paint. For those of you that haven't used this product...It's very neat! It's lumpy and rough, and in this case was perfect to add 'snow' to the pine cones. (It's also great for homemade coral if you want to make it look rough)

After the 'snow' dried I added more of the glitter paint to make them sparkle!

Once I cut the metallic cording to length and tied them on to my new DIY ornaments I hung them on the tree.

I'm loving the natural elements they bring to my tree. I think they were just the right touch.

So now...more about my tree transformation. Last year it was all about silver, aqua, teal, blue, and black. But considering my love for all things natural and neutral it was time for a change. 

I traded out my silver tinsel for burlap garland and ivory tulle.
My shades of blue ornaments will go around the house in various forms of decor, while the whites, creams, and silvers hang on my tree.

Here's some pics of my tree this year. (Yes it's small, but at least I didn't need a ladder to decorate!)

It started out with lights and burlap...

My little helper...not so helpful while he takes a nap!

My DIY ornaments added!

 And after all the ornaments and the ivory tulle is added...

I needed a new more neutral tree skirt so I grabbed some yardage of beaded 100% silk dupioni...I had to laugh, who  puts silk on the floor as a tree skirt?!? #obviouslyIdonothavechildren

Loving the overall look of the tree! It makes me feel happy and relaxed!

Hope you enjoyed my diy ornaments! Have you made any new Christmas decorations this year? What did you make?

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