Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm a big deal, people know me. Right??

Some of you may have just laughed when you saw my blog post title. Okay, the sarcasm was dripping from that title. But truthfully it's a topic I often wonder about.

Let me explain . . .
We've all heard of The Bloggess, Shanty & Chic, Fashion Toast, etc.

Depending on your interests you probably have specific favorite blogs that are big in that topic. Beauty, fashion, moms, home decor, lifestyle, and of course my favorite, DIY.

I know my impact is small, but I wish I could get a sense of how many people around the country really 'know' about me.

I sometimes daydream that somewhere around the world this conversation has happened:

Lady #1: "Hey, did you see that latest DIY project on Contemporary Harbor?"  
Lady #2: "Oh I did, it was so neat!"

I may be living in a fantasy world but I'd like to think that maybe that conversation has happened at least once or twice...

I'd also love to know if my DIY blog idols even know I exist.
 To give you a little insight on my life, my DIY blog idols include:
  1. Shanty 2 Chic (how do they have so much to blog about?! Oh wait there's two of them - why didn't I think about that?!)
  2. LizMarieBlog.com - she is so cute and her projects are to die for! Her blog has been a must read for me for a while.
  3. Rustique Restoration - not only does she have a great name {Jen} but her projects are fabulous - they are 100% my style and she helps inspire me when I've hit a rut! Like me, she doesn't blog all the time but when she does it's worth it!
  4. Buckets of Burlap - Not so much a DIY blog but if you know me you know I love burlap and her images are soooo inspiring!! They show you how they've turned their house from run-of-the-mill to a unique and gorgeous style farmhouse!
  5. Dear Lillie - Last but most certainly not least! She has the best tutorials and the best pictures ever. Her blog constantly inspires me for projects and decor!

Now that you know my favorites, the thing that goes through my head is do these bloggers know about my blog? Yes they've seen me comment on their posts. But do they ever come over and check out my blog? Do they know I exist? Does it matter?

Okay, it probably doesn't matter. I blog because I love it. I blog about the things I like. Whoever knows, whoever cares is great, but not the most important thing.

 If only I could 100% believe what I just said *sigh*

 Does anyone else think and feel the same way?

Things I do to make myself feel better:

1. Go to Pinterest, find a pin from my website and look at other pins that have been pinned from my website.

Look at all the names of people I don't know who thought my content was cool enough to pin!

2. Google Analytics gives me good information.

3. Bitly.com - I've been on this site all of 1 week so I don't have much to show on it right now. Please don't laugh at my pathetic statistics!  If you use bitly to shorten your link and post it on Twitter, FB, etc it will show you stats on that bitly link.

Does all of this make me crazy? Possibly. 
Do I care? Not really. 

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Lauren said...

So of all the bloggers you named, I only know The Bloggess! Honestly, after that conference, I started caring about my stats more, but truthfully now? Just trying to write posts, comment, reply to comments, and live life take all my time. I haven't implemented a thing I learned and I think I'm going to be okay with that for a while. Also, I love your Anchorman quote as a title :)

Elle said...

I used to be concerned with who followed me, and then I thought, "Why?". The whole reason I started blogging in the first place was to use it as an online artistic journal of sorts. A place where I could post pictures that I loved and inspired me, or pictures of my life. I don't want to have to worry about how often I blog or stress about what I say and how it will be taken by my followers. I just want to write about what I love. If people like it they like it, if they don't they don't.

I love all your diy projects you share. I think it really only matters how many people follow you if you are wanting to try to use it as marketing and sell what you do. Oh and I like the bloggers you shared...I had never heard of any of them. But then you are one of the few DIY bloggers I follow! :)

Sarah said...

Sooo I feel like I need to tell you that the other day I was with Michelle of Chaos & Coffee and Channing from Living Lobpries and we were talking about my kitchen chairs that need to be re-done and you came up! I was like Jenn Leible is so good at this kind of stuff! So there you go :)

Madelyn Vogler said...

I talk about you and your blog frequently! Many friends of mine chat about wanting to create something new from pallets- I always reference your DIY!! I love them!
I used to care, but now not so much. I just have too much going on. I'll check my google analytics occasionally just to see what kind of traffic my blog still gets. I definitely would like to pick it up again.
You're an inspiration!! xo

Elle said...

I agree with Madelyn, I too am often inspired by your DIY ideas. That is what made me think to repurpose my shuttered closet doors into decorative shutters for my guestroom! :)
It is nice to know thought, that people you don't know like your ideas too and find you interesting enough to follow! :)



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