Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two-Tone Nightstand

I'm so excited to be sharing this project with you all today!
I turned and old beat up nightstand into this cute trendy two-tone nightstand!

I started with this nightstand... it was beat up, scratched, and not too cute.
It used to be our guest bedroom nightstand but after a few moves, it had seen better days. It was time to spruce it back up!

I started out by sanding it quickly with the orbital sander, then priming it. My primer was kind of dried up so I didn't have much left. I put on what I could and prayed it would do the trick!

I want to shake things up a bit and do some new projects with new ideas. I decided to paint the outside of the piece with Cincinnatian Hotel Abbey and the drawer fronts in white. 

I wanted to add some detail to the nightstand. Here I'm testing out some options...

A silver knob for a more modern approach...

Or a decorative wood ornament in the contrast color... 

After getting some opinions and going with my gut, I chose this option. It felt more my style.

 All done!

I hope you liked seeing this transformation!

As much as I love it I don't need it for my house, so up for sale it goes! 

If you need a cute new nightstand let me know!

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