Friday, April 25, 2014

Green with Envy

I'm so excited to share my latest project with you!

I keep an ad out on Craigslist for my painting services. It has been there off and on over the past year. I get inquiries from time to time, and at least half of them turn into actual jobs. (Apparently not many people are on there that do what I do) So, the most recent job was courtesy of Craigslist.

The task:
Re-finish and distress this hutch for a baby's room!

The couple brought the piece over that day along with a swatch of the green they chose (Heartland Frosty). I got to work sanding the pieces down that night and the next day. 

I had recently gotten a new gravity fed paint sprayer that hooks up to the air compressor. I was eager to give it a shot!

We had to change some settings on the compressor - thank goodness my husband was around!!
We filled the pressure up to about 150-200 psi, then used the pressure regulator to only allow a max of 40 psi to the gun (per the instruction manual). 
*Note* Air will need filled up several times during the job.

The gun was pretty easy to put together and understand. Once the paint was in and ready to go we testing on a piece of cardboard and played with all the knobs on the gun until we liked what we saw! :)

I pulled out all the pieces to the side of my backyard along with a massive plastic drop cloth and scrap wood to hold it down.

First side done!

All sides done!

Close up views on how it looked after painting.

It was a bit difficult keeping all the nature bits from falling onto the hutch pieces while they were drying! I was running around checking them all!

By the end of the afternoon my sprayer and I were in love...

And by the end of the day my sciatica was flaring up and the ice pack and couch were calling my name!!

Over the next few days it was time to distress! 
I use a mix of tools to distress. The orbital sander, Rigid oscillating tool, and regular sand paper by hand for the fine detail. I use #220 fine grit for this so it leaves a smooth finish.

It's rare I show anyone what I look like while working, but here you go! 
Hair up - out of the way and off my back! Tank top - it's getting hot here in TX!

*Drum Roll Please*

I'm actually not so sure the pictures do it justice. The piece is actually pretty awesome and I love it! My sister even tried to steal it. (she loves green!)

Here's a professional picture of the Heartland Frosty on walls. May give you a better idea of the nice green color. :)

Hope you loved this project! Leave me some comment love below!

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Meg O. said...

LOVE this! What a fun and funky transformation!!



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