Monday, April 14, 2014

Nailhead Stools

I haven't shared many projects with you lately. To be honest, that's because we haven't finished any of the projects we've been working on! We have 2 projects in the works, and I had to squeeze in these stools and get them done!

Here's a pic of the stools before, in my client's home. 

Last year I re-finished her dining room table, doesn't it look great in her house?!

The goal was to re-finish the stools to go with her new look.

After painting the chairs a pure white flat paint, I distressed them and finished them with a matte water based polyurethane t protect them from wear and tear. 

I used a ruler and pencil to mark the placement for each nailhead.

 I placed the marks for the nailheads 1 inch apart, which left about 1/2" between the nails.

All done! So happy with the results!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest project!
This week I'm re-finishing a hutch for a baby's room. A cute green color with lots of fun distressing. Check back soon for pictures!!

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1 comment:

Meg O. said...

OMG they look so awesome! You are amazing! Wanna come help me do my nursery? Okay I know I live far away. Haha



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