Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sargento Freebies

A while back I joined Influenster. This is my second Influenster box and I love getting freebies and trying new things!

A few weeks ago I was greeted at home with this:

This box included coupons for a free package of cheese slices and $1.00 off another package. Yes - it was a promo deal to get us to try and review Sargento's new product, their ultra thin slices.

Do I mind a little bribe to try out something new?
Absolutely not!!

For my free coupon I chose the Swiss. Let me tell you...that cheese was actually really really good! I snuck in a few slices by itself and it just melted in my mouth - no lie!

I also tried a Sargento recipe, the Sassy Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sandwich. Recipe found here.

My favorite part of this Influenster box?
The bag...

This awesome bag was included in the box and is my new lunchbox for work! Yay!!

If you're looking for a lower calorie cheese, try these new thin slices! If you're not looking and not interested, well thanks for reading my post!! :)

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Breanna Pair said...

I love influenster!



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