Friday, May 9, 2014

SF Trip Recap

Hey there! I meant to post earlier this week but found myself catching up on TV shows, working late at home, or trying to un-pack! 

I had a great time in the San Francisco Bay area! I got to celebrate my birthday, see old friends, and cross a few things off my bucket list! Here's some of my favorite photos from the trip!

Loved these weird looking flowers!

Wine country...ummmm yeah!!

Castello  di Amorosa
AMAZING!! If you're in Napa Valley you have to see this castle and explore. It was so much fun!

 Corey and I pretending to be the king and queen... :)

Because every castle should have some cats...
(yes they were real)

I love this cart. I wanted to bring it home!! 

The next day we saw the Golden Gate Bridge!

 From the SF side...

 From the Sausalito side looking back to SF.

Then we headed on over to the Muir Woods National Monument.
This is also a must if you're visiting the area. $7 park admission and totally worth it! They have a great path to casually walk on, and tons of trails to hike on. The trees are unbelievable!!

Photo Op time!!

More pretty flowers!

These trees!!! Oh my...

Then we headed on over to Muir Beach and was amazed again!!

I had fun climbing the rocks! Though it was touch to get up there!

I could stare at these views all day!! <3

We also got to see a few friends while we were there, visit the Jelly Belly factory, go olive oil tasting, see the "Full House" house, and lots more! 
Such a cool trip, I'm glad we were able go! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my pics! 

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Breanna Pair said...

You make me miss California! <3 So glad you had a great trip!



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