Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years

Saturday we will be celebrating 5 years of marriage! We are taking a little getaway to Brenham and spending 2 nights in a restored 1850's cabin! If you know me you know I love history so I'm tickled at the thought of this cabin!

In honor of the 5 year mark and 7.5 years of dating I thought I'd take you through our journey thus far.

This is the night of our first kiss. Don't we look young, goofy, and skinny?! :)
Sorry for the bad quality! This was pre-smart phone!

One of our first dates!

My 21st birthday weekend. Corey had my sis and brother in law sneak in from Mississippi to surprise me! He planned out everything so well and it was amazing! Spent most the weekend in St. Louis doing lots of fun things around the city.

Corey and I ready to go to a dance at my college.It was a USO theme so Corey borrowed his friend's Navy uniform and I rented a dress from a local costume shop to fit the part!

 We got engaged!!
 Just under 2 years of dating Corey asked me to marry him! Here's one of our engagement photos. This was taken in the Jewel Box in Forest Park.

 As we planned the wedding I finished up my senior year of college.
This picture was after the fashion show that featured my senior collection. Corey was always supporting my even when I was up all hours of the night sewing dresses!!

My graduation!! Doesn't he look handsome?! Loved having him by my side!

1 month after graduation we were married!
We didn't have a ton of money for the wedding but we made it work! Those of you that were there that day know it was quite eventful, but we made it through the day and got to start our married life!

We spent our honeymoon in South Padre Island. We only got one pic together and this is it! On later vacations we learned how you can trade photo taking with other couples in the same situation!

 Through the years we celebrated holidays, changed haircuts, gained weight, lost weight, etc...

We bought a house!

We celebrated an anniversary with a picnic in Forest Park <3

We went to baseball games. GO CARDINALS!!!

 We traveled to Mexico!

 Had adventures in Mexico!
Rappeling, Ziplining, climbing Coba step temple, and lots more!

I can't find pictures on these events but we moved to Texas and bought another house.

We discovered we were kind of handy and creative and started building furniture!!
This is Corey building the Pottery Barn knock-off Benchright Table.

We got some nice pictures taken for our 3rd anniversary.

We traveled some more. This time to San Fransisco!

That pretty much brings us to the present day.
We are now gearing up for our next adventure and I can't wait to share more with you!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'll be off in the country enjoying it with my hubby!

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Breanna Pair said...

Awww yall are so adorable!!! :)) love this post! And I wanna hear about your wedding!



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