Friday, August 22, 2014

House Hunt: Must Haves

For those of you that don't know; we packed up, sold our house in Houston, and returned to our sweet home of St. Louis.

During the transition we found an apartment to sublease that had 4 months left on the lease.
Perfect, right? Just enough time to find and buy a house!

Well...we have been on the house hunt for over 4 weeks now and seen over 20 houses. 
It's not going great. This will be our third home purchase. Our first house we had basically no criteria...something with a yard for our dogs and then just whatever.
Our second home....we needed a garage and a bigger house.
Our third home...well the list of would likes is pretty long. The must haves are pretty short but very specific.

1. Vaulted Ceilings

We really want vaulted ceilings in the living room. We had it in our last house and it makes everything feel bigger and more open. They don't have to be as grand as the picture below, but just some extra height to the room.


2. Fireplace

Winter is coming (no I'm not referring to GoT) and we want to be warm and cozy!! After all, the last two winters were spent in Texas!!


3. Workshop

Preferably this would be something other than the I asking too much to use a garage for the cars?
We have built and began to perfect our craft of furniture building and re-finishing. We need a place to do this. Whether an outbuilding, basement, or garage we need a workspace.


4. Private Backyard

We started our wanting nothing less than 1 acre, within 40 minutes driving from my work. We have realized this may be very hard to come by, so we've settled on at least .25 acres with a yard that backs to woods and gives a private secluded feel.

5. Master Bath

Our first home had only one bathroom and we both agree...never again! We'd really like an en suite of some sort. I'm loving this bathroom with the white cabinets and wood counter.


This list may seem easy to some of you and not so easy to others. St. Louis' housing market isn't the best, and the inventory is very low right now. Also, we have a modest budget which always makes things harder. I actually want to find a house that needs work. I want a chance to use all our building and refinishing skills on our home and make it our own. 

So, we have appointments to see more houses tomorrow and we are crossing our fingers and saying prayers that we find a house soon!

(Did I mention we have about 4 weeks to find a house or we will have to sign a lease to rent somewhere? Not a fan of this option...)

What are your must haves for a house? 
 Any tips for me as we house hunt?

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Lauren said...

I had a post like this started but then we found a house so I don't know if I'll finish it. Our needs are very similar, except for the workshop part and amount of land. We really wanted some finished outdoor space, too. I hope you're able to find something that's perfect (or that you can make perfect) soon!

K said...

There's a home on Parkview Drive that has a lot of that stuff (a friend of mine has been looking for houses and randomly will send me things... It's in South County (which I know... is not for some - myself included, as I love the city). 45ish minutes from the center of the city.

Other than that one random house I know of... I am of no help, historic St. Louis homes - that's my knowledge base (and where the best deals are)



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