Monday, August 18, 2014

House Tour: Living Room

Rounding up the House Tour with the last room on my list to show you, the living room area. 

This area is probably the most decorated with all the little knick knacks and things I love. Looking at these pictures takes me back to all the fun times I had while searching for and buying these things!

Vase - Kirkland's
Candle holders - Home Goods
Glass Cloche - Garage sale
Book - Garage Sale
Clock - Goodwill see this post on how I made it over

We made this shelf out of old pallets. See the post here.
I love the way it turned out! Very rustic and anything but perfect, but we love it!

Our dining room was lacking a bit in the decor field. I had been wanting to build a sideboard, cabinet, or something with the shutters (in the corner) as the doors. This is still on the list of "to-do's" but will have to wait until our next house! :)

I loved how the dining and living area was a big open space!

Pillows - Home Goods

The colors in this house were perfect for me. Nothing too bright and crazy - I love the muted tones!
The armoire for our TV was something we had since our first year of marriage and now that we build things we are looking forward to building an amazing entertainment center that fits our style a bit more!

 I love apothecary jars! They are more of the coastal theme that I started with and as I started liking the more rustic farmhouse style I re-worked them a bit and now the two styles really blend together nicely, I think.

When we moved in, the fireplace mantle was a medium oak color with a horrible wood applique in the middle that reminded me of a Christmas wreath with garland strands. We removed the applique, sanded down the mantle and stained it a darker color to match our style a bit more. We finished it with Minwax finishing paste.

Old books, pine cones, wine corks, small apothecary jars, our last name initial, candles and burlap accent trim complete this mantle!! 

This chair was a $2 garage sale find! With a coat of paint and an old burlap coffee sack I refinished it to be a cute piece that is great for extra seating!

Onion Crates to either side of the chair - Garage sale for a few bucks

Maybe not the best picture to show off the house, but our little chihuahua Maverick popped in for an appearance! 

The shutters on the wall were a freebie find! I quickly snatched them up and re-finished them. I used Thorny Brush and Soft Rhapsody  paint colors and used a dry brush with very little paint on it to give the light streaky effect. You can see more pictures here.

I'm in love with our industrial cart coffee table. Found on Craigslist!! I'm telling you can find some amazing stuff there if you try! 

I've discovered my annoying pine tree is good for one thing...the pine cones make easy filler decor!

 Definitely a favorite part of the area is this little corner. The reclaimed bookshelf was found at a nearby antique store and the window picture frame is one of my all time favorite DIY projects! See all about the window here.

The shelf is filled with some fun pieces both coastal and vintage.
Coral bookends - found at Home Goods
Vintage books - found at various garage sales

Topped with wide burlap ribbon trim and a cloche with some sea themed trinkets.

Fresh baby's breath with carnations are an easy and cheap way to brighten your home!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our house and knowing the ins and outs of how I decorate and where I get everything!

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Life in the Heights! said...

Beautiful!!!! Love everything! Some of us gals should plan a trip to come visit!! ;)

Lauren said...

It looks so good! Excited to see how you reimagine it all in your new place!

The Contented Wife said...

It looks so welcoming! I love the muted colors as well. I couldn't help but be slightly jealous of the way you can decorate - my son would have it tore apart in no time, exploring everything! :) I LOVE your coffee table, by the way! It's awesome you found that on Craigslist!



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