Friday, November 14, 2014

Front Door Makeover

When we moved into our house we knew right away we'd need to do something to the front door. It was very worn down and needed some TLC.

Don't get me started on the lock and handle...not entry door worthy, gold handles are gross, and they are soooo scratched up!!

The stain finish was really faded and worn off.

To get started on making it over, my first step was to tape the glass off.

(In hindsight I wish I would have nixed the tape and edged carefully. I'm good at edging, and paint is really good at seeping under tape!)

I then cleaned it with TSP ( you have to use this stuff to clean before painting).
Then I painted coat of primer to ensure the paint would adhere well to the door.

I had to remove all the hardware and accidentally locked myself out. Thankfully the garage was open...

My first color choice was called Aqua Glow.
I painted the door while it was on, I just had to keep it open while it dried.

After looking at it for a couple of days the hubs and I agreed it was too light.

So we headed back to the store and picked up a sample of a color called Seafarer. I started painting right away as I wanted to get the door finished. We agreed this color would be better so I got to work finishing it up!

I love the pop of very different from my norm but so fun!

Now, the original thought was to paint the shutters the same color. However, I'm not sure and need opinions! I'd be 100% fine painting the shutters on porch, but I have 2 other windows with shutters and I'm not sure how they'll look.  Thoughts?

Also, what color should we paint the new to us rocking chairs?!

What do you think of the bright front door? What are some ways you have improved your front door area?

P.S. I snapped these pics right before leaving for work...this daylight savings is killing my chances to get come pics for you!!

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1 comment:

Etty Blue said...

Jennifer, I love the blue! Thanks for sharing the process. I have yet to do my door, which I want bright red.



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