Monday, November 3, 2014

Moving In

We closed on our new house on the 16th of October! I've been MIA due to packing, moving, lack of internet in the new house, and traveling! I'm ready to catch you up and keep you up to date on the many projects we have in store for this house!!

During our walkthrough this is what the house looked like...

 The house was never painted after it was built so everything was builder's grade flat white paint. It's nice to have a blank canvas but the walls are driving me nuts! It needs a little warmth!

The space is great, but lacks character. Can't wait to add some!

These sage roman shades are not my idea of good window coverings.

I know window treatments are supposed to stay with the house but I wish they took these with them! 

I literally couldn't wait to test the paint color sample I bought...I hadn't had a paint brush in my hand in 4 months so between that and the white walls I was itching to paint!

I love this section  of the cabinets! I placed all our nice glasses in it as soon as I found those boxes!

 I placed a few things on the mantle to make it feel like home.

We started the full painting the first weekend and finished up two days ago. Stay tuned for more pics of the painting and other projects we've started!

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1 comment:

Lauren said...

I'm excited to see what you do! I love the shape of your kitchen and those glass cabinets!



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