Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to work: Farmhouse Table - STL Edition

Hello there! 
Have I neglected you all long enough? I admit I had the winter blues. Then I just got tired of blogging! I had to take a break and forget about uploading all my pics and sharing them with you. Now I'm feeling ready to get back into things, so here goes! 

As we were settling into our new house my project its was growing. We had completed the hutch for our dining which you can read about here. Now we needed a table to match.

We had made farmhouse table in the past, so we knew what we liked and had some ideas to change this time. We started our shopping list with these table legs from Osborne Wood. These legs are a tad pricey but they are to die for! 

We also had to find the right chairs. That is what took the longest! We were being soooo picky on the chairs! They had to be just right! I think we ended up finding them on Craigslist (big surprise!) for about $80 for 6 chairs. Score!

One chair was missing a finial but we wouldn't let that stop us. We chopped the handle off an antique cookie cutting and used that to balance it out.

We made a "Dexter" room to set the chairs and legs in so I could use our paint sprayer to paint them all quickly and smoothly! After 2 coats of paint we used 1 coat of matte polyurethane to protect them from dirty hands! 

After that we started putting the table top together. We used 7 2x6's that were 9 ft long with the bread board ends. Times like these I'm thankful my husband has far too many clamps!!

We attached the painted side boards with the keg jig.

Then we lined the legs up to figure out the bracket positioning.

Because of the small size of the corner bracket we had to add 2x4 spacers.

Carrying this table top outside the basement around the house into the dining room was quite a challenge! I think I almost killed myself... but we made it at were thrilled to be setting it up.

I'm now ready to host dinner parties, family gatherings and holidays! You're all welcome anytime! :)

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