Friday, March 31, 2017

Tips to refurbish your old furniture for modern interiors

Please welcome Lucy Justina from World Craft Industries as she give us some tips on updating your home as styles change!

Tips to refurbish your old furniture for modern interiors
Changing the interior with changing trends is simply not possible as it involves hefty costs. Disposing the old furniture is another trouble that one would face at the time of home makeover. Globalization and technology has made the ideas across the world accessible and that has resulted into frequent change in designing trends. You can now maintain pace with the changing trends easily in your budget by refurbishing the old furniture for modern look. Here are the handy tips –
  1. Segregate the unwanted
Even the unwanted stuff would have two types – reusable and recyclable. Declutter the space to find all that you want to refurbish. Whether it is big furniture item or some home décor stuff, decide whether it is in the “Unwanted” list! This will give you fair idea of how much creativity is needed for the complete home makeover. Even within the unwanted stuff, separate the ones you want to give away for recycling and the ones you want to refurbish. Furniture used for quite a long period can be disposed of as you have gained enough value from the same. The items that are in new condition or fall in your favorite list can be part of the refurbish group. This exercise takes time and lot of brainstorming sessions, but it is easy to proceed once done
  1. Refurbishing sofa
Sofa designs won’t change frequently but the influence of changing trend would be seen from time to time. Amongst various pieces of furniture, giving the modern look to the old sofa is the easiest. The basic structure of the sofa set never goes out of fashion. If you want a variation then you can use one piece from the old set and club it with the new set. In order to have new look, change the upholstery. This won’t cost you much but will give the new look to the entire room instantly. Use more funky colors and throw number of cushions to make old piece of furniture look bright and inviting.
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  1. Paint it to your creativity
Have an old set of chairs? Bored of the same wooden dining table? Paint it with beautiful colors as per your creativity. You will love to flaunt this new look at the same place or for the garden sitting. The uses of the colorful coffee table are unlimited. Color the chairs in different shades to have rainbow effect. This table would also serve as the perfect seating for the group study. Show your creativity while painting and this old piece of furniture will suddenly grab all eyeballs around.
  1. Change the role
Just as you like to change your professional role from time to time, you would also appreciate to see the old furniture in new role. A crockery unit can be given some makeover to fit in the role of bookshelf, similarly a large size closet can be cut into two to fit into the guest room. This would require some skills, however you will have DIY tutorials at your rescue.
  1. Cut, color, laminate, or sell!
Try to cut, color, or laminate the old furniture for new look, but if nothing helps then don’t just discard it for free. Furniture in good condition that doesn’t fit into your new décor may be the perfect piece for someone else’s home. Put up the advertisement on social networking sites, ad sites, or arrange the yard sale. Whatever you earn from the old one would help you buy a good quality replacement.
Keeping pace with the changing trends is important, and so is to maintain the budget. Follow the above tips and you will get the best of both!


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Molt Soltan said...

An excellent design solution, my congratulations, old furniture, and a new life! In my favorite store more details , I looked at the coffee table and something for the patio. Now I'm waiting for discounts and when I get wages to update the interior slightly)

Wm Upholstery said...

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